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Archived Radio Talk show click at  Dr. Hans Joachim Rudolph


Welcome to the fourth Annual Microvita seminar commencing here, in Berlin (Germany) now!!

It is a three- day program as announced. Participants are coming from far and wide, from countries of various continents. The programs include Microvita studies and research workshops. Through numerous presentations, classes and workshops knowledgeable tutors would share and exchange with the participants their works on topics of varying interests from Microvita perspective.

 As we all know these concepts are two hundred years ahead of time. Propounder Shrii PR Sarkar mentioned that scientists would come to understand Microvita in two hundred years, but by then sufficient damages might cripple humanity. And as such it brooks no delay to initiate scientific research projects. Microvita concepts initiate a new chapter in science aiming at investigating these Abstract Particles of Cosmic Consciousness and charting out their role in creation in a scientific manner. It inspires an interesting study in science, a completely fresh, unique chapter of far reaching consequences.

 Investigating Microvita, the Particles of Cosmic Consciousness, requires a different kind of scientific mind -- the one enriched with proto-spiritual psychic structures. Fortunately, we have them in good numbers on all continents, thanks to the efforts of AM and due to the tantric impact of the physical presence of Taraka Brahma on planet Earth.

 Microvita are understood to be the organizing agents of the Cosmic Entity.  They initially organize the world of matter, and then arrange for its correspondence with the evolving world of unit minds.  They may be seen as the (missing) link between the worlds of the subjective and the objective; the world of matter and that of mind. Where ever these two correspond, there is life; one cannot make a life without the other. And as such Microvita become the prime factor in creation of life. Microvita science extends the definition of life to include the non-protoplasmic, atoms and molecules, as living, for they too have interactive consciousness (i.e. Mind) and they form their own affinity groups in Chemistry. The field of Microvita is not only limited to pure material sciences; it combines everything into one, producing a single science of everything.

Human mind has always been curious about investigating the mysteries of the two worlds; working tirelessly in decoding them to assume a position of maneuvering. Such is the nature of human consciousness that it inherently moves from a position of imperfection to perfection. Starting with the study of matter, physics has almost reached a dead end; physicists have started venturing into discovering parallels in studies of consciousness. I came across interesting passages in Fritjof Capraís Tao of Physics in 1984, and then wanted to talk to him to convey a message. That opportunity came in 1985 when I met him at the Peace Conference of the European Greens in Amsterdam.  We discussed things of interest during the lunch hour. With curiosity he asked me who I was. We had not heard of Microvita yet. So I presented him some books, Idea and Ideology, Human society and Ananda Sutram. We agreed that one simply canít stop physics moving forward on its course. The next generation scientists would only be excited to see that happening. He invited me to see him for further discussion when I visited the USA next.  A year later Shrii Sarkar began the Microvita discourses.   

 The topic has generated sufficient curiosity in the Marga Society, and interest in the public for understanding these mysterious microvita particles. Much has been done by the Marga communities on all continents in propagating the basic introductory ideas. Yet the real work has not been taken up earnestly. The task that lies ahead is to convert these concepts into a real science. A good question was posed years ago, by someone in the audience in front of me; is it really a science or just a philosophy? Thus began the 2nd phase with posing the same question ourselves whether these concepts were destined to create a real science -- yes / not.

We all know, the making of science has a few essentials and thatís got to be developed and included in Microvita studies.

To begin with,

         There must be a universal glossary of concepts and terms like other disciplines do so that when communicating or while studying otherís works/papers we are on the same page. In order to achieve uniformity, to begin with, we ought to write articles on topics of the General Theory of Microvita.

         We need to fully grasp the various chapters of the original discourses in a standard way. The Introductory discourse, Matter & Abstract, Microvita Cosmology, and chapters from Yoga Psychology constitute essential reading.

         We need to develop and/or invent Microvita Scientific tools for use in serving society, and humanity, in a very definite, universally practicable way. Besides gaining ability to resolving pending questions in sciences, we ought to design experiments which may be repeated by trained experts at any place, and be able to predict the course of events when necessary, and if required.

         We need more of Seminars, Studies and Research workshops to tap larger human talents so as to gradually convert these concepts into a real science by their participation.

 A task becomes gigantic especially when you try to run ahead of time with meager resources. But we do have the priceless asset of a vibrant global society of spiritually advanced neo-humanist individuals in place.

 With participation of prominent persons from the scientific community, this fourth Annual Microvita Event has gained some unique features. We have included rather challenging topics to dwell upon during the occupying sessions. These would help Microvita Scientists in developing the required skills. We feel sorry for those who couldnít make it to this event for various reasons. Videos from the third annual event are on line and also available on DVDís now; those from the current event would also be made available soon afterward. We invite your attention, sympathy and support in this endeavor. Please find the program schedules attached in (pdf) format.

You are very welcome.


Ac. Vimalananda Avt.                                                                                                                                    MRI                                                                                                                                                                   April 29, 2009.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Namaskar ! and a warm invitation to the fourth

International Microvita Seminar

- lectures - workshops - spiritual experiences -


May  1st - 3rd, 2009

(arrival April 30th  afternoon, closing May 3rd late afternoon)

            Wannseeforum Berlin (Germany)             


for daytime only Registration
Contact: or Tel: +49-30-40910106

International Microvita Seminar

- lectures - workshops - spiritual experiences -

May 2nd - 4th 2008

(arrival 2nd morning, closing 4th late afternoon)

Wannseeforum Berlin (Germany)


Scheduled next workshops: 1. Berlin Sector, Madhu Karuna, Germany, during Summer Retreat 2007
The next Microvita Study & Research Workshops, primarily for Berlin Sector, will be held at the same venue, (arrival  on) Dec. 27-30, 2006. Interested persons should mark their calendars well in advance. Details at
A Microvita Study and Research Workshop is scheduled to take place in Copenhagen, Berlin sector on Dec. 29-30, 2005. Interested participants may write to for detailed info.  
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More papers on Microvita Research are now available upon request. If interested, write us and procure your copies for study and/or furthering your research on related topics.  

A detailed  report  arising from two Microvita Research Workshops recently  held in Berlin are now available for visitors of these WebPages on Research Section                                                     

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