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4th Annual International Microvita Seminar, Berlin, 2009

The 4th Annual Microvita seminar (actually the 5th, but we like to count the 1st as zero) was held again at Wannsee Forum, a beautiful building on the edge of Wannsee Lake near Berlin, Germany, on May 1st to May 3rd 2009.

A soft breeze blew through the spring flowers and tall trees, in the natural setting; it was the perfect environment to dive deeply into the subtle science of Microvita. 22 participants came and joined from 12 different countries on three continents for this purpose.

The subjects discussed ranged from Biology, Psychology, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Cosmology, Mathematics and how they are all related and overlapping, our minds were expanded and stretched in order to understand how Microvita relate to and fit into these vast array of subjects.

The speakers and topics included: "Microvita -- The Mysterious Emanations" (Ac. Vimalananda Avt.), "Divinity in Action"  (Dr. Brigunath Ragbourn), "On the Nature of Particles"  (Dr. John Williamson), "Microvita and the Origins of Matter" (Ciranjiva Tatsuyama-Kurk), "Non Locality in Quantum Physics" (Mukti Drenscko), "Microvita Cosmology" (Ac. Vimalananda Avt.), "The 4 - Chambered Universe - a New Grammar" (Ciranjiva Tatsuyama-Kurk), "Microvita and Biopsychology" (Ac. Vimalananda Avt.), "Microvita in Music"(Manojiit Hackenberger), "Microvita and Sadhana" II (Ac. Vimalananda Avt.), "Microvita and Biopsychology" II (Dr. Manohar Rudolph)

Over all it was quite a wide range of subject matter. Participants learned about the nature of microtubules, the relationship between Microvita, glands and psychology, Microvita in different creation models and cosmology. Dr. John Williamson, a physicist from Scotland was a wonderful unexpected guest who enlightened us to understanding the universe through a new model of Quantum Physics and complex mathematics.

In the final discussion it was agreed that we should not only keep deepening the research of microvita but something concrete has to be done as well, namely, to create a new scientific system that can explain, understand, quantify and utilize Microvita as well as tie together all types of sciences and systems.

Microvita Research e.V., a registered trust in Germany organized this annual event. Its offices are located at Am Kesselpfuhl 13, 13437 Berlin (Germany). The trust has initiated its international membership drive in order to accelerate the work of Microvita Study & Research in the world. More information is available from

MRI (Microvita Research Institute) is one of the cooperative institutions of Ananda Marga Gurukula.

Photo shots at :

Microvita Research e.V.                                                                                                                                  11.05.2009


3rd Annual Microvita Seminar, Berlin, 2008

(Face to Face with Microvita of all Kinds)

Amidst the natural beauty of flowing river, sunshine and flowering green lawns, the historic 3rd Annual Microvita Seminar on “Face to Face with Microvita of all Kinds” was held at an excellent facility called Wannsee Forum in Berlin on May 2, 3 & 4th 2008 with 36 participants hailing from 12 countries of three continents.

Among the topics discussed at length were: Microvita (MV) and inferences (tanmatras); string theory; MV and elementary particles; superluminal MV model of photons and electrons; hidden history of the quantum world; MV in biological life; musical theory & practice; Microvita in the life of a sadhaka and the how-to of dealing with positive and negative MV.

The excellent presentations were made by Dr. Hans-Joachim Rudolph, Ac. Vimalananda, Dr. Richard Gauthier, Dr. Brigunath Ragbourn, Mr. Kanwar Bir Sidhu and Mr. Michael Hackenberger. Interspersed in the thought provoking & mind challenging informations and discussions were creative & entertaining exercises led by Mr. Ole Brekke - director of the Commedia School in Kopenhagen. Mr. Michael Hackenberger from Berlin also led the participants into the fascinating world of microvita as they manifest in music, dance and rhythms.

Many working groups were formed to further study & research as MV also apply to the fields of health, communications, agriculture and sadhana (meditation); of course, microvita-science being an integrative science has applications in almost every field of human endeavor.

Microvita Research e.V., a registered trust in Germany organized this annual event. Its offices are located at Am Kesselpfuhl 13, 13437 Berlin (Germany). The trust has initiated its international membership drive in order to accelerate the work of Microvita Study & Research in the world. More information is available from

MRI (Microvita Research Institute) is one of the cooperative institutions of Ananda Marga Gurukula.

The 4th annual Microvita event is scheduled to take place at the same venue in May 2009. The topics will include Microvita and spirituality; Microvita in sociology and history; sharing of Microvita experiences as well as other inspiring, spiritually thrilling activities.  

Microvita Research e.V.

MRI recently successfully concluded the second annual Microvita Study and Research Workshops in Copenhagen  on December 27-30 2006 with forty participants from Berlin sector. Detailed report awaited. A discussion based on queries and responses will soon be posted on the discussion pages which have run into crises due to spammers and is being corrected. You are all very welcome to participate and enjoy elevating experiences from the Microvita world...                                                                                                                                                     


The scheduled Microvita Study and Research Workshops held  in Denmark on December 28-30th 2005 turned out to be a top quality academic event, and was followed by jubilant celebrations, greeting the New Year 2006 with spiritual functions and fire works.

Over thirty-five people including six Acaryas, attended from all over, including India, Libya, Germany, England, France, Norway, Iceland, Finland and Denmark attended. Despite prior notifications and repeated announcements on the websites as well as mailing lists many willing European Margiis and Acaryas failed to attend and complained for lack of sufficient information on the event. 

Dr. Manohar ji, a physician from Berlin, gave very professionally prepared high quality presentations on “Basic Concepts of Microvita”, and “Microvita and New Physics”. He also led stimulating workshops on “Microvita Experiences from Individual Life“, and “Role of Microvita in Shaping the 20th Century European History”.

Acarya Vimalananda ji from the Global Microvita sub-committee also attended and gave some very thought-provoking presentations, in two parts, on "Face to Face with Negative and Positive Microvita".

Another German Brother, Caetanya ji, presented "Microvita and Color Psychology" based on his own research from his recently published book on the subject adding a new dimension for the participants which was well received. Brother Bhrigunatha ji from England also gave an intriguing presentation on news from Microvita research that he had been lately involved with.

Later, the participants teamed up to form a Berlin Sectoral Microvita Sub-committee for promoting Mv. Study & Research, and disseminating these concepts amongst new members joining Marga in Berlin Sector. Need was felt to start working on eventually setting up a Microvita Research Institute at a suitable location.

Inspired participants requested the organizers to make it an annual event and wished to attend the next Mv. Study and Research Workshop at the same venue on December 27th (arrival) to 30th, 2006. On behalf of the Global Microvita Sub-committee Ac. Vimalananda ji announced that another “Global Microvita Study and Research Workshop” has been planned for three days in May 2007, to take place in Denmark, where Mv. scientists hailing from various sectors would converge to share their works/papers with each other and the participants.

Global Microvita sub-committee thankfully appreciates organizers, Dadas Candranathananda ji and Rudranatha ji, for their hard work and efforts put in hosting the participants with comforting hospitality as required for the successful conduct of such an event in achieving its goals.

-The End.  

© Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha

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