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Microvita Research Recommendations

  1. Take two test tubes with the same chemical reagents that need to be heated for (certain) results. Now heat them both, one with coal gas and the other with butane gas. The results would not be the same. But why?
  2. Take two Guinea Pigs having had the same diet, environment, and same weight. Now administer the same quantity of poison to both. They won't die at the same time. But why?
  1. Take some cells from the same area of any living creature’s body. Put each cell into identical nutrients separately. After some time, upon various measurements you find that cells have grown differently. But why?
  2. Sea-water from different oceans blend, if put together. Yet different oceans have maintained their temperature and salinity differently although they have stayed connected for millions of years. But why?
  3. Why strange things happen at the Bermuda triangle?
  1. Radium and Uranium release radioactivity and decay, finally becoming lead in the process. 
    Why should radiation occur? Reversing the process many problems such as cleaning up radioactive wastes etc. can be solved.
  2. Halogen elements Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine are powerful non-metals. Why Fluorine is stronger than the others? Why this specialty with Fluorine?
  3. Mercury, a highly conductive liquid, if  made solid becomes a great superconductor. Why?
  1. Find out the factors causing different blood types? The answer can solve many medical problems.

The results of any human effort varies depending on one's psychic state. Likewise, it would also alter the results of their scientific experiments. Collective human psyche becomes a very powerful force. It attracts and can control various types of microvita. Results from a particular experiment would vary if conducted under varying psychic states of persons, collectively conducting them.

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