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Microvita (Official) Home Page

"Microvita, the Ultimate Particles of Consciousness"

Welcome to the world of Microvita, the Ultimate Particles of Consciousness !!                      

Microvita (a Microvitum) are the "Ultimate Particles of Consciousness" associated with the tiniest  portion of the perceived as well as conceived panorama of creation we belong to. Since revelation on Dec.31,1986 in His Presidential address of Renaissance Universal before over ten thousand of His followers in Kolkata, Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar added many more chapters to the topic creating a body of literature around it before leaving His mortal body on October 21, 1990. Popularly known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, or Baba, He has been the Philosopher Master spiritualist for millions in the world today. 

What we face today is rather a challenge. We have to provide scientific shape to a very sublime concept of Microvita. The preceptor says these concepts are two hundred years ahead of time and should be applied in solving the pending problems of humanity “in a nice way”. Thus our task is a gigantic one in the sense that we are racing  ahead of a time frame. That requires concerted efforts indeed...

Every faculty of knowledge requires a kind of mindset that develops through particularly tailored disciplines. Likewise, in order to pursue Microvita studies and research one needs to undertake training to be able to grasp the concepts and understand the secrets of the microvita. This involves variety of lessons in physico-psychic, psychic as well as  purely supra psychic practices causing   rapid, introvert evolution in the individual mind.

Practiced and propagated by members of Ananda Marga through out the globe, these practices suggested by preceptor Shrii P. R. Sarkar are revival of the teachings of Lord Sada-Shiva, who lived in the Himalayas seven thousand years ago. The instructions serve especially the post-modern generation as an effective tool in gradually refining their individual psyche into  pure consciousness and thereby transforming themselves as well as society along a cherished new era.

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